Mercedes-Benz 770K Offener Tourenwagen #189744. To be offered at the Scottsdale Auction presented by Worldwide Auctioneers on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

For much of recorded history, wheeled vehicles have played an indispensable and inseparable role in the world’s most important events. Indeed, by their very use, whether in the service of good or evil, many vehicles correctly stand today as cultural and technological icons. Often, due to the deep emotions and stirring memories they invoke, many historic vehicles are recognized as truly significant historical artifacts, worthy of continued preservation in the impartial hands of conservators and of exhibition and interpretation by selective curators, for the education and enrichment of present and future generations.

Concrete examples are virtually countless in support of this hypothesis. Many surviving historic vehicles are inextricably linked to the world’s richest and most demanding owners, usually featuring advanced, world-beating engineering and prodigious capabilities that continue to amaze. Of course, they are also the dominion of political leaders ranging from the benevolent to the most fearsome and dangerous tyrants to ever walk the earth. Above all, a psychological, as well as a vehicular, purpose, is served by many great automobiles as grand projections of authority, and yes, even scientifically formulated mass control.

Nowhere in the automotive world is this type of political influence and social effect truer than in the case of this majestic, yet infamous 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Offener Tourenwagen (Open Touring Car), first used by Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor and Führer (leader) of the Third Reich from 1933 to 1945. That Hitler and his associates created their awful ideology and then organized and orchestrated The Holocaust is an indisputable matter of historical fact. That an estimated six million Jewish people were systematically identified, collected, transported, abused, and then horribly murdered in Nazi death camps is undeniable.

Why is this motorcar important and why are we offering it? Because it stands, and most importantly, continues to serve, as a singular piece of irreplaceable and priceless living history.

It did not choose its user or its use. People – with the fallibility and prejudices that are all too often part of human nature – were responsible for that. If the original Hitlerian provenance of this Mercedes-Benz 770K can be set aside, if only momentarily, the Mercedes-Benz 770 “Grosser,” or “Super Mercedes,” remains quite likely the world’s greatest achievement in terms of automotive design, engineering, and construction. These intrinsic virtues must, by necessity, be considered in any discussion of the vehicle, as well as the negatives.

Above all, the very survival and continued existence of this motorcar simply and eloquently serves to remind humankind today of the final and inevitable Allied victory and humankind’s triumph over the innumerable evils that Hitler and his Nazi party represented in their most virulent and destructive forms. In keeping with that vital message and mission, this singular Mercedes-Benz 770K remains in silent service, helping to ensure that the best qualities of human endeavor will forever overshadow the darkness of Hitler and the Nazis.

Already recognized for its immense and unmatched technical and historical significance, this Mercedes-Benz 770K continues to captivate and incite emotion in all who see and read about it. It can be reasonably stated that no other automobile is as widely recognized around the world. It has been viewed in the media, both in still photos and video, and in historical reference books virtually everywhere. Its life has been chronicled through its service during the war, and some 70 years beyond, where it has been in several displays and museums across the United States and more recently part of some very significant and very private collections. It is only proper that this incredibly important historical artifact should now be offered so that it may be used in a setting such as a public museum or collection, where it can be shown and used to continually educate present and future generations.

While much has been written of Hitler’s Mercedes-Benz limousines over many years, perhaps no other historian has followed this rare breed more closely than the late Mr. Ludwig Kosche, a German resident of Canada and a noted historian and librarian who spent much of his career at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, where an ex-Hermann Göring Mercedes-Benz 770K has resided since 1971. In correspondence with the vehicle on offer, Mr. Kosche’s description of these parade cars concludes with quite likely the most accurate summation of their place in history. “The purpose of this display is absolutely not to glorify Hitler and his destructive policies, no. It is to show you one of the outstanding cars of the century, built by gifted people, and representing the highest in craftsmanship. But it is also as a memorial to the fighting prowess of American soldiers that we take pride in displaying this showpiece of a fallen dictator. And above all, as a reminder that the evil which this car symbolizes, must never again be allowed to happen.”

*It should be noted that 10% of the sale price of this vehicle will be donated and used to educate how and why the Holocaust happened and how to effectively prevent such atrocities in the future.

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