Renowned collector and enthusiast Allen Smith with just a few of his two-wheeled treasures.

The team at Worldwide Auctioneers is thrilled to announce the upcoming offering of 10 significant vintage motorcycles – all to be sold at No Reserve – from the personal collection of renowned enthusiast and collector, Allen Smith. A tightly focused, expertly-curated group of some of the most historically significant motorcycles in existence, the Allen Smith Collection includes early American legends plus two of Britain’s mightiest motorcycles from the pre- and postwar eras.

Here are just two of the historic motorcycles in focus from this wonderful collection:

1903 Indian ‘Camelback

Named ‘Camelback’ by virtue of its unique rear fender/fuel tank/oil tank, this 1903 Indian is a beautiful Bradford Wilmarth restoration that has earned 99.75 points at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America Nationals. Truly historic and irreplaceable as the first chain-drive production model from Indian, it is simply a museum-worthy example of the world’s fastest motorcycle for 1903.

1914 Henderson Model C Four

Favored by police forces in period for its outstanding speed potential, the four-cylinder Henderson remains famous today. Looking fast even while standing still, this example continues to benefit from a restoration by vintage motorcycle specialist Bradford Wilmarth and features marvellous presence and exciting details.

Other great motorcycles in the Allen Smith collection include not one, but two, Cleveland Singles – a 1919 “Strap Tank” and a 1921 model, showing the evolution of American motorcycle styling and its influence on form and function at the dawn of the “Roaring Twenties.” Representing quality construction and engineering mastery with cost no object, the 1910 Pierce hails from the same company that dominated America’s prewar luxury-car market. An early example of the first four-cylinder American motorcycle, this Pierce is one of fewer than 500 produced in all and marks an essential component of any proper vintage motorcycle collection. A 1913 Flying Merkel features an expert restoration by Bradford Wilmarth and prior history includes long-term display at Australia’s National Motor Museum.

A striking example of streamlined motorcycle design, the 1916 Excelsior Auto-Cycle is a revered early V-Twin, built in Chicago, representing one of the constant challengers to the Indian and Harley-Davidson marques on the roads and deadly board tracks just prior to America’s entry into WW I. Speaking of board-track racers, the 1906 Thor Single beautifully represents this rich era of American motorsports history. Formerly owned by noted collector Bill Melvin, it is beautifully restored and continues to exemplify raw speed and pure adventure, in keeping with the rest of the Allen Smith Collection.

While primarily focused on America’s earliest motorcycling innovations, British legends are also well represented with a 1939 Brough Superior SS80 V-Twin, quite likely one of the finest unrestored examples known today. Documented by marque expert Mike Leatherdale and offered with copies of the original factory production records, it is very well equipped and striking throughout. Representing Britain’s postwar speed machines, the 1954 Ariel Square Four Mk II carries a muscular presence with power delivered by a mighty 995 cc ‘Four Pipe’ Mk II engine and marks one of the true high-water marks of British motorcycle engineering.

The entire collection and highlights can be viewed online at and further information is available by calling 1.260.925.6789  or emailing Worldwide’s specialists at . Descriptions of the vehicles offered are being researched and will be posted to our sale website as soon as possible.

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