If you want to feast your eyes on many of the world’s greatest automobiles ever conceived, Rétromobile is the place to be! Enjoy this guided tour of some of the show’s highlights with Charlie, our irrepressible lead specialist at Worldwide Auctioneers. We are sure you will enjoy the ride!

Quite likely, Citroën’s DS is one of France’s definitive motorcars of the postwar era. An almost complete departure from anything preceding it, the DS remains instantly recognizable for its avant-garde styling, not to mention its advanced engineering. Quite surprisingly, the DS proved particularly adaptable to the design interpretations of France’s remaining custom coachbuilders as well. This 1960 Citroën DS Décapotable is just one example of these stellar vehicles, fit for cruising along the Riviera with the top down. This image is just a partial depiction of the landmark Citroëns on display at Stand 1F018, in honor of the marque’s landmark centennial era.  For more details, see the official Rétromobile website at https://www.retromobile.com/Visitors/The-show/Actualites-du-salon-Retromobile/The-2019-Retromobile-car-manufacturers

Designed by Sir Alex Issigonis, the Austin Mini and Morris Mini-Minor and their many variations rank among the greatest automobiles from either side of the Atlantic and regardless of the era. Compact and affordable, yet offering startling performance, handling, and the benefits of front-wheel drive, the Mini also stands as one of the world’s greatest rally and circuit-racing cars of all time, with a multitude of epic victories to its credit. The cutaway display Mini below forms a wonderful study of the greatness built into this enduring charmer.

Fascinating Mini display cutaway, showing designer Alec Issigonis’ design brilliance to full advantage.

Speaking of design brilliance, the Pininfarina-designed Lancia Aurelia, in all its many forms, deserves mention. A breathtaking design, its leading-edge features included a wraparound windscreen, potent V-6 power, and a chassis purpose-built for fast touring with comfort and control in one beautiful package. At the other end of the spectrum, Lancia’s raucous and rowdy Stratos marks the automotive equivalent of a high-school delinquent in serious need of anger management. However, the Stratos redeemed itself by taking the 1970s rallying world by storm with its prodigious victory tally, until it was eventually succeeded by increasingly potent versions of Lancia’s 037 and blindingly quick Delta rally cars.

In between all the automotive indulgence at Rétromobile, one can never guess who you might see there. Today, Charlie bumped into some of the folks from Sports Car Market magazine and his friend, Stephen Murphy. It’s moments like this that remind us all of how wonderful the classic-car hobby truly is!

Following a well-deserved rest, Charlie will be back at the Place de Versailles tomorrow, wearing out shoe leather and bringing his perspective on this wonderful event to us. Email him at charlie@worldwideauctioneers.com and join in the fun!