We are happy to have received Charlie’s latest images and observations from Rétromobile, and while the automobiles on display are the main attractions there, this event is an amazing experience with so much to offer. Join us for today’s latest post, and we hope you will engage with Charlie there and with Worldwide Auctioneers on his journey.  Meet up with him via email at charlie@worldwideauctioneers.com and join in the fun!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In Paris, crèpes are mandatory and yummy, especially when filled with Nutella and served with Grand Marnier!

Fashion is also a Parisian staple, and Charlie eyed some elegant jackets, gentlemen’s accoutrements, and even some driving shoes at the show.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of France’s Gnome & Rhone company, which was normally asssociated with powerful aircraft engine design and production, is this dashing 750 X motorcycle, complete with sidecar. The holder of 20 world records in 1937, the 750 X was capable of hitting nearly 90 mph and about 70 mph with sidecar attached, making for a thrilling and very stylish ride by any standard.

Here’s Charlie with more friends – Don and Mary Swanson and Jerry Watson.

So many wonderful collectibles – something for everyone and every budget. Decisions, decisions…

Oh, what do you think of this comical display piece below – that’s one way to get a classic car for sure!