With so much to see and so little time, we present to you another fascinating selection of Charlie’s images and observations as his journey to Rétromobile in Paris continues to unfold. Catch him while you still can by email at charlie@worldwideauctioneers.com today!

Oooh La La!

Shown au naturel, just as it was first displayed some 50 years ago, the Lamborghini Miura display chassis pictured above is just as stunning as the car is when fully clothed.

One of the final masterworks from Turin, Italy’s Carrozzeria Touring, the stunning Lamborghini 4000 GT Flying Star marks yet another rare and thrilling discovery at Rétromobile.

Representing the record setters is one of the very first – “La Jamais Contente,” French for “Never Satisfied” Based on an electric-powered Jentaud chassis, young Belgian Camille Jenatzy applied quite possibly the first aerodynamically streamlined body to a motorized vehicle in his quest for speed during 1899. Resembling a one-man submarine, the car reached a then-stunning mark of 65.79 mph over the flying kilometre.

Grand Prix fans were electrified by this comparison of McLaren F1 cars – one from the high-wing days of 1970 and in the foreground, a 2016 McLaren, looking as though it came off the set of a science fiction movie.